CVM Diagnostic

Customer Value Management Diagnostic will present you with an objective evaluation of your current practices benchmarked against our Pentadigm® CVM best practice model.

Customer Value Management Diagnostic will:

  • highlight what you do well;
  • suggest areas, where there could be potential for improvements and
  • identify things that you could do to improve performance further.

The Pentadigm® CVM Diagnostic is a rigorous evaluation of all Customer Value Management activities within a business and is built around the Pentadigm® CVM and Marketing & Sales Excellence Model, featured in the book co-authored by CVM€ CEO, Phil Allen, “Value-Based Marketing for Bottom-Line Success: 5 Steps to Creating Customer Value”, published by McGraw-Hill and American Marketing Association, January 2003.

Pentadigm CVM is an advanced model to develop customer value and to build long-term customer loyalty, based on decades of experience in global B2B markets. CVM Diagnostic results will be reported and presented back in a comprehensive report with individual assessment and peer group benchmarking, using a “traffic-light” system to highlight:

  • What is being done well and should be leveraged further
  • What is being done and needs to be improved or raised to a higher standard
  • What is not being done that needs to be developed, introduced and built to a suitable standard