CVM€: the Parent Company

CVM€ is the parent company offering customer value management, marketing and sales excellence, plus procurement, negotiation and business leadership programs and services to clients through a number of specialised brands and partnerships.

CVM€ expert practitioners lead clients through a transformation of their business model to a customer-driven go-to-market approach, achieving sustainable, profitable growth, based on improved market positioning, competitiveness and value-based pricing.

CVM€ customer-driven Go-to-Market strategies improve profitability and market positioning, and build customer loyalty and retention for our clients.

CVM€ provides expert advice, coaching, training, development and implementation in all aspects of customer value management, marketing and sales excellence and key account management to our growing number of global blue-chip business-to-business clients.

CVM€ identifies and solves your marketing and sales challenges and headaches fast with effective, sustainable solutions.

CVM€ tailors leadership programs to the specific needs of clients focusing on business results (Mastering Business Leadership).

CVM€ has entered most recently the arena of advanced procurement and negotiation practices, integrating these with down-to-earth and practical interpersonal communications skills in our unique Value2 Advanced Procurement and Negotiation program.