Transforming Business Performance with Customer-Driven Strategies

CVM€ clients enjoy sustainable profitable growth from selling more at higher prices and gaining stronger market positions, thanks to CVM€ facilitating and enabling the practical application of customer value management, innovative marketing and sales excellence solutions to their business.

CVM€ offers clients in business-to-business markets and value chains around the world customer value management and marketing and sales excellence solutions to achieve and improve sustainable profitable growth. CVM€ clients enjoy innovative solutions to their marketing, sales and business challenges, building and implementing customer-driven Go-To-Market strategies.

Business Model
CVM€ clients are served by a global network of seasoned expert practitioners in customer value management, marketing and sales, able to fulfil the needs of clients in any location around the world.

CVM€ clients derive an implementable Go-To-Market Strategy and Plan for client's business developed by CVM€'s uniquely coached and facilitated customer-value-driven strategy development program. It is a business transformation program, involving creative strategy development, based on customer insights and implemented through mind-set and behavioural change.

CVM€ clients also can call on a comprehensive series of training seminars, modules and workshops covering all aspects of customer value management, value-based marketing and sales excellence, key account management and negotiation. CVM€ clients derive maximum benefit from the applied learnings of CVM€ workshop programmes, because CVM€ tailors all programs to the specific needs of individual clients.

CVM€ clients and workshop participants gain practical insights and learnings from the programs, because they are led and facilitated by expert practitioners, who bring their own unique knowledge and expertise to bear in the programme.