5C!Concept GmbH
Schoenenberg, Switzerland

Our Vision
Developing Potential
An intelligent and complex strategy is needed to discover new potential, requiring expertise, leadership and transferable skills. Once discovered, you need just as much knowledge and experience to make the best of it.

Implementing the 5Cs
Our strategies are founded on tailor-made combinations of the 5Cs - Coaching, Communication, Change, Consulting and Courage. This approach efficiently brings together people, strategies and processes. Eventually our strategies will enable you to reach your goals and to effect positive change to your company's working environment.

In the beginning there is the vision:
Realizing Potential

Our ambition is to make our customers’ visions come true. In this process we work in partnership with a network of high-performance professional partners who provide us with their know-how. In this way we complement our own expertise with the specialized skills of the best teams available. The result is a strategy tailored to the needs of your business, helping you to achieve success in reaching your goals.

The Challenge of Implementation
Our approach will lead to tangible and positive changes in your company. 5C! Concept aims to create space for innovation and growth, enabling customers to discover and develop unused potential in their business activities and their personnel. Our strategies are designed so as to be easily integrated into your ongoing work.