Lean4value GmbH
Richterswil ZH, Switzerland

Who is Lean4value?
We are a service company that helps you become and stay more competitive. Together with you as our customer we adapt Lean & Six Sigma methodologies and tools to your needs to help you generate value for you and your customers. We involve people at all levels of the organisation.

Lean4value is built on partnerships with selected industry experts who again have many years of experience; we are committed to you help you become more competitive.

Lean4value stream
To help you become more competitive

  • Your value in development
  • Your value in Production
  • Your value in Assembly
  • Your value in B2B Launch

Lean4value supports you in the implementation of Lean Programmes

  • Lean Management Coaching
  • Lean Project Leader Coaching
  • Lean Team Coaching

Lean Innovate
Your value - Lean Innovate provides you with:

  • An actively managed portfolio of development projects based on true customer needs 
  • A transparent system to prioritise projects and resources
  • A wisely structured development process with milestones for project leaders and management - shortens time to market significantly
  • The right tools for management and project leaders tailor made to your needs
  • Measurable value generation in the market a win-win for you and your customer

Lean Produce & Lean Assemble
Your value - Lean Produce provides you with:

  • Error free production
  • Reduced times - you increase your plant capacity
  • Improved - narrower control limits (LCL, UCL)
  • Wisely orchestrated takt times
  • Reduced working capital costs - and yet you deliver your customer with more competitive lead times