Next Element Consulting, LLC
Newton, Kansas, United States

Compassionate accountability.
Every day. Every interaction. One person at a time. 

It’s the Next Element experience.

Next Element is a leadership advising and training firm focused exclusively on compassionate accountability. Our headquarters are in Newton, Kansas and we serve clients across the US and abroad. What makes us unique is our ability to quickly identify leadership behavior patterns that undermine success, deliver assessment, coaching and training to change behavior, and build cultures that reinforce positive change.

Our most successful clients recognize that the greatest threat to future success is past success, and that the biggest organizational changes begin within each of us.

Cultures of compassion and accountability don’t happen by chance. Your systems and processes reinforce how people communicate and deal with conflict. Are they reinforcing what you want? We have solutions to transform leadership interactions with each other and employees.

Leading Out of Drama© (LOD) is our signature program for developing resilience to negative drama and leading others with compassion. Gain new insights for dealing with personal and professional drama, change your response to conflict, recognize opportunities for growth, and build a healthy foundation for compassionate conflict.  Three, one-day courses build on each other, with an additional option for Trainer Certification.

Leading Out of Drama© is a copyright of Next Element Consulting, LLC Communication and conflict resolution courses combine classroom instruction, role-plays, simulations, and discussion to make the new learning come alive and apply it to real situations. Our trainers are also expert facilitators and understand the nuances of group dynamics.

Trainer Certification for LOD and Licensing equips trainers with a complete toolkit to use LOD in their professional development business in the U.S. and globally.  Next Element also offers Trainer Certification in the Process Communication Model®, the Process Education Model, and the Process Therapy Model in the U.S.Process Communication Model® is a domestically and internationally registered trademark of Kahler Communications, Inc.

Coaching provides the forum to practice new skills, engage in healthy conflict, experience new levels of accountability, and challenge each other to new heights. Coaching after training greatly increases confidence and competence with new skills, as well as team accountability and cohesion. Choosing the right candidate for key leadership positions is extremely important and can be a difficult process. We help you confidently decide between your top candidates, identify their development needs, and reveal opportunities to improve executive team effectiveness.

Employee Engagement. Healthy organizations provide meaningful, comfortable and safe environments for employees where they can produce their best work, where individual gifts are leveraged and appreciated, and where everyone’s honest feedback is valued. From Performance Review Systems to Engagement Surveys, we focus on measuring Key Engagement Metrics that provide benchmarks that support behavior change.