Synection LLC
Hamburg, New Jersey, United States

Synection enables owners and senior management to improve growth, margins, and cash flow to ultimately increase the valuation of the company.  Our practical Value Acceleration model is a customer based growth system designed to produce meaningful financial returns in the first 100 days of implementation. Our Value Acceleration system delivers these returns by addressing three areas:

  1. Customers: Creating growth momentum and generating cash flow from operational improvements linked to customer needs.
  2. Operations: Accelerating growth momentum and transforming operations to support key growth initiatives.
  3. Organization: Creating a growth culture that support continuous innovation. Resulting in a business that is more attractive to potential buyers.

Recently, our Value Acceleration practices were introduced to the investment banking, private equity and M&A communities for growth expansion and ownership transition deals. Synection has partnered with Goodrich Capital to assist small & mid-cap companies with M&A, and growth capital needs in North America, Europe and Asia.

Client Work Results
For a small business, created strategy to launch new customer program that generated $45 million the first year, with five year growth exceeding $350 million.

Transformed a $500 million global business.  Achieved the highest profit, growth, and customer and employee satisfaction in the corporation’s 37 business units in just 22 months. For a small, privately-held entrepreneurial service firm, segmented customer base which resulted in a 70% growth in sales in one year.

Taught and coached the implementation of our customer value system to turn around a $430 million business.  Produced a $25 million profit improvement within one year. Our customer value approach transformed a global corporation, which improved profitability and competitive position. Sales grew from $1.9B to $3.4B in five years.