Peter Mackey
Hampshire, United Kingdom

After graduating from Brunel University in July 1970 with a First Class Honours degree in Polymer Science and Technology, Peter worked for 41 years in the chemical industry, in a variety of positions with multi-national companies including BP Chemicals, Marley Floors, Diamond Shamrock, Witco Chemicals, Häger & Kässner and The Dow Chemical Company.

He started his career in process development, moving through various sales and marketing roles to senior management positions with Dow.

For 30 of those years Peter worked directly in the Polyurethane Systems (PU) business and set up three PU Systems Houses, (in Singapore for H&K, and India and UK for Dow) and his expertise covers technical support, sales and marketing issues as well as market and new business development – an unusual mix of skills.

Peter recently retired from Dow Chemical Co., Ltd., after completing 22 years in sales, marketing and new business development, and has set up PU Consulting Associates, specialising in general marketing, business and market development activities as well as specific projects in the PU industry. These include new business start-ups involving detailed market analysis, segmentation and strategy development.

He is also a member of ESTO, The European Synthetic Turf Organisation, and is working on various synthetic turf projects, including the growing issue of recycling.

Additionally, Peter has worked in over 50 countries around the world and lived in Singapore, Switzerland and India. He currently resides in the UK.