Hugh Ross
Salisbury, United Kingdom

Hugh Ross is an international marketer, who has lived and worked in Italy, Germany, Austria and Sweden, and successfully practised the application of marketing theory in large multinationals. He has been Managing Director of Market Planning International since 1991. MPI specialises in helping clients create and execute market-focussed plans which deliver the results and profits they want.

Key areas of expertise:
- Market Analysis        
Intelligent research design
Creative analysis of complex information
Insight management
Benchmarking studies         

Developing customised planning frameworks
Multi-country market assessment systems
Dealing with problems of implementation

Training & Coaching
Planning-based marketing
Segmentation in practice
Brand and product management
Multi-functional and cross-cultural learning

Prior to founding Market Planning International in 1991, his career in business had three phases:

  1. Four years in Market Research with BMRB International conducting multi-country surveys for clients including Rank Xerox, Monsanto, Kelloggs, Fiat, Barclays and Remy Martin;
  2. Six years in Brand and Marketing Management with the American multinational Schering-Plough; working as personal assistant to the Regional Director for Southern Europe/Middle East and Africa, followed by 2 years in Italy as Suncare Brand Manager, and 3 years as UK Marketing Director for Suncare and OTC products, with specific responsibility for the Boots account and new product development; and
  3. Four years of Strategic Marketing with ICI Fibres as International Marketing Manager of their global Carpet Fibres Business [Turnover: £130 M]. He developed and implemented an end-use focussed strategy through a network of 12 subsidiaries in Europe and North America, which increased share against the world leader DuPont, and improved profitability.

Additional Credentials
Hugh has a degree in Classics from Cambridge University, and speaks good Italian, with some German and French. He was a non-Executive Director of Traidcraft plc, the UK's pioneering Fair Trade organisation. He has served on the training faculty of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and was amongst the first Chartered Marketers in the UK. He is also a full member of the Market Research Society. When he is not consulting, he runs the Fair Trade Furniture Company, his own start-up business selling handmade designer furniture for garden rooms.