Phil Allen
Wädenswil ZH, Switzerland

Phil Allen is thought leader in Customer Value Management, who enables B2B clients to achieve and improve sustainable, profitable growth (typical 2% - 10% EBIT improvement), also in commoditized markets.

Phil is probably the most experienced marketing-educated B2B Customer Value Management and Marketing and Sales Excellence practitioner in the World.

Phil runs Customer Value Management GmbH, having accumulated more than 40 years of marketing, sales, key account and customer value management experience and expertise in a variety of global B2B markets and value chains.

Phil is a certified PCM and LoD trainer, and MBL leadership developer, coach and mentor.

Phil has 40+ years of hands-on sales, marketing, customer value management, business development and key account management experience at national, continental and global level in multi-national corporations including Albright & Wilson, Bayer AG, English China Clays, Hilti AG and The Dow Chemical Company.

Since 1997 Phil runs global customer value management, marketing and sales excellence practice, Customer Value Management GmbH (CVM€) - creating value for clients by helping them to apply customer value management, marketing and sales excellence and key account management to their businesses. He delivers practical customer value management, marketing and sales for value growth, facilitating customer-driven strategy development and implementation working together with the client’s team.

CVM€ serves many multinational and global blue-chip clients in the chemicals, plastics, manufactured products, energy and service industries as well as providing hands-on practical advice to clients in several other B2B markets.

Juan Senor, Senior Editor at the International Herald Tribune, praised Phil in a Euronews company documentary for having founded a unique and action-oriented company, with an individual business style. Customer Value Management GmbH has featured in recent TV-profiles on Euronews and CNBC.

The unique Value2 brand of integrated business and interpersonal communications skills are especially popular amongst global B2B clients for marketing and sales leaders and KAMs.

Phil is a Certified Trainer of Process Communication Model (PCM) and Leading out of Drama (LoD).

Phil’s pragmatic, down-to-earth approach to marketing and sales is reflected in the book he has co-authored “Value-Based Marketing for Bottom-Line Success: 5 Steps to Creating Customer Value” by De Bonis, Balinski and Allen, published by McGraw-Hill and American Marketing Association January 2003.

He is a regular contributor to a variety of marketing, sales and industry publications and also publishes his own Email Marketing Briefing Newsletter.