Eric Balinski
Hamburg, New Jersey, United States

Eric advises, educates and speaks to companies on visual branding, brand innovation, growth strategies, green and sustainability efforts, and market expansion. When a company sees sagging sales, lack of growth or is launching a new innovation, his services connect the element between a brand and a customer, “the dots”, —and the dynamics happening in-between. With an uncanny knack to connect the “dots”, is in his ability to understand value chain players, interpret customer behavior patterns, and discover marketplace disconnects to determine how things in both the marketplace and with customers really work. Finding these kinds of insights about customers and the impact on a brand is what makes Eric good at helping clients achieve more brand growth, better margins, and a higher value for your brand.

He loves to tackle any challenge, especially problems that have had a business team perplexed, or unsure of what to do next to improve their results. He works with globally known brands to small companies with big ideas, as well as publicly traded firms, privately held companies, start-ups, and investor backed companies, and their leaders, marketing, sales, brand management, operations and whoever else is needed to achieve results. It doesn’t matter if clients are B2C or B2B, he has had success with all types of clients.

Eric has more than 20 years of corporate business and leadership experience with GE Plastics, Dow Chemical, Allied Signal and Celerant Consulting. Eric was a pioneer in “green products” and sustainability. As part of his green expertise, he led an extensive research and marketing effort at GE, The Living Environments Home project, which gained worldwide excitement along with 53 participating companies, such as Masco, J&J, Kohler, Sony, USG, Carrier, Bose, Andersen, and Weyerhaeuser. The project generated more than $350 million in incremental new sales of innovative home, health, green and building products. Along with Phil Allan & Nick DeBonis, he co‐authored, Value‐Based Marketing for Bottom‐Line Success, published by McGraw Hill and the American Marketing Association.