Nicole Heimann
Schoenenberg, Switzerland

Founder and Managing Director Nicole Heimann began the 5C!Concept journey of Realizing Potential in November 2003 in Switzerland. 5C! Concept helps you to work with people and enables the executives and employees of your company to contribute to the process of change. A tailor-made approach uses the 5Cs - Coaching, Communication, Change, Consulting and Courage – to meet the needs of your business.

Nicole leads the team and coordinates the corporate activities with the 5C!Concept Companies in other countries. Inspired and driven by a genuine interest in people, and fascinated by the dynamics and interpersonal aspects of leadership, management and sales interfaces, Nicole became a certified Process Communication Model® trainer.

Nicole brings her expertise to 5C! Concept after many years in Strategic Key Account Management on a European basis for a global corporation in the petroleum industry based in Belgium. She developed excellent long-term business relationships with the headquarters of European and global corporations and delivered consistent high quality services to her clients.

Moving on to Switzerland in 1999, she gathered 5 years of handson experience as a consultant in leading, doing and participating in industrial marketing projects in the business-to-business environment.

Nicole is a Belgian National living in Switzerland and a fluent speaker of Dutch, German, English, French and has a good knowledge of Spanish and graduated in Business-to-Business Marketing at the EHSAL Management School, Brussels, Belgium.