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CVM Mind-set Workshop at EBCG Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox

22 Nov. 2018 - 22 Nov. 2018 (Thursday - Thursday)

Germany, Berlin TBD Hotel

CVM Mind-Set: It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it…that’s what gets results.
In this lively and interactive workshop, Phil Allen explores and illustrates the CVM Mind-Set
with personal case examples and results from his own CVM experiences.
The 6 CVM Mind-Set elements were discovered in a unique study of more than 500 senior
commercial leaders and executives from the chemicals, plastics and B2B sectors.
They are: Inquisitive, Challenging, Open-Minded, Decisive, Creative, Disruptive.
Join Phil to discover how they can be applied to CVM content for real business impact.
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Please note, that the discount of 15% is only applicable for industry delegates coming from chemicals manufacturing companies.

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