Occasional Papers

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Improve your business results with a tailored CVM programme
Innovation expertise to accelerate strategic innovation initiatives
How Motoral won their Malcolm Baldrige Award
There are not so many price buyers as you think
A taste of genuine market innovation
Process Communication Model enables positive communications for improved customer and personal relationships.
Score your performance on customer focus
A unique and integrated approach to analytical and interpersonal marketing, sales and KAM
Some cases where GEMS has delivered success for our clients
GEMS Europe's unique Dynamic Customer Segmentation models delivers fast results in Customer Value Segmentation
pdf 11_2008-11-Strategic Marketing makes Companies more Profitable *
Key results from the Strategic Marketing Benchmark Study
Many companies reduce spending on marketing when times get tough. This is a false economy.
According to disturbing new market research three quarters of UK businesses are confident about their futures - yet have no idea what their customers really think.
pdf 08_2008-09-The Power of Price - Building a Customer-Value Driven Approach to Pricing *
Price is the only mechanism in the marketers’ and sellers’ toolbox for capturing value. So it is critical to get prices right.
Phil Allen reports some lessons in marketing and sales effectiveness.
pdf 06_2006-01-Innovating a Competitive Advantage *
How can the western chemicals industry regain a strong competitive foothold?
Phil Allen explores some lessons to be learned from excellent marketing companies.
Phil Allen explores the growth areas of the world.
All too often I hear that "you can only sell the Chinese on price". This is a fallacy.
Inadequate attention to price and inappropriate pricing strategies based on poor understanding of customer need and value are eating away at companies' bottom-lines.
Phil Allen challenge to marketers in the chemicals and plastics industry to be more creative in their marketing.