Benchmarking Strategic Marketing Event
with Phase 2 Quantitive Results

Many B2B industries, and the chemicals industry is no exception, do not return enough on their investments, especially in the more mature economies where markets tend to become more “commoditised”.

These companies create a lot of value for their customers, but fail to capture that value back, delivering and creating value for their customers. Their customers apply lots of pressure to try to commoditise the offers and companies often succumb to these pressures. This weakness if often down to poor marketing on the part of the companies. We estimate that it loses them at least 10% off their bottom line.

The salvation is to hand in the guise of Strategic Marketing, a discipline that brings real customer focus to an organisation and helps them to address the future needs of their customers with innovative approaches in products, services, business models and other aspects of creating a differentiated customer experience.

The proof of this can now be studied and read in a new report published this month: “Strategic Marketing in the Chemicals, Plastics and Other B2B Markets.”

This unique report enables you to benchmark your current strategic marketing performance against best practice, identify what you do well, what needs improvement and what you need to do differently.

Specifically the report will help you answer these critical questions

For Executive Management and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs): What needs to change in your organisation? Do you have the right people in Strategic Marketing? Who should be leading the Strategic Marketing charge? Are you enabling people to be well educated in Strategic Marketing? Do your people have a Strategic Marketing mindset? …and much more…

For Business and Commercial Management: Do you have well defined strategic marketing processes? Do you have the right people in Strategic Marketing positions? Do you have a strategic marketing focused on the future and innovation? What are the key elements of Strategic Marketing? How can I add 10% to the bottom line of my business? …and much more…

For Strategic Marketers: What are the key strategic marketing tools? Are your customer value propositions well understood and communicated effectively? What are the key issues I should be tackling as a Strategic Marketer? …and much more…

A full report of over 120 pages and containing more than 80 charts analysing the findings of the study can be purchased from our online shop or ECMSA.

You can request a private viewing and briefing about the results for yourself and your colleagues, whereby the survey directors, Phil Allen and Hugh Ross, will come and present their findings in-house as a briefing or as a workshop, in which you can also compare your strategic marketing activities and organisation against best practice.

You can also request a special benchmarking of your company against best practice, based on a more comprehensive study, using the survey benchmarking questionnaire.

For More Information, contact:

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In the main report you can read about

Strategic Marketing Best Practice Model
The Future for Strategic Marketing
Definition and Usage of Strategic Marketing
Strategic Marketing Organisation and People
Corporate Culture, Focus and Practice
Current Strategic Marketing Practice
Strategy Content
Strategic Marketing Mindset
Profile of A Strategic Marketing Company

There are key analyses showing differences in Strategic Marketing practices and performance by

Commodity and specialty businesses
Chemicals and other B2B
Levels of profitability

Strategic orientation of the company