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pdf Value Chain Analysis *
Researching the value flows in a complex market value chain
pdf Porter's 5 force Analysis *
Exploring the forces having a major impact on your market or segment
pdf PESTLE Analysis *
Analysing the market environment and trends
pdf Marketing Mix *
Implementing marketing strategy
pdf Marketing Audit *
This marketing audit template can help you to check the completeness of your marketing.
pdf Marketability Matrix *
The MarketAbility Matrix can help to target segments, based on the attractiveness of the segment and your ability to compete effectively and profitably in the segment, according to customer perception of your fulfilment of their needs.
pdf Market Planning Made Simple *
The market plan template can help you to structure your market plans
pdf Key Account Plan Template *
Developed by GEMS to provide a comprehensive basis for Key Account Management
pdf Customer Value Segmentation *
Driving business success by fulfilling customer need and value
pdf Customer Value Implementation Plan *
Developed by GEMS to ensure that ll actions are linked to delivering customer value
pdf Customer Focus Reality Check *
Score your performance on customer focus
pdf Customer Commitment *
Developed by GEMS to provide a framework for a differentiated offering
Invented by Igor Ansoff to present the various options for business growth